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Review: Glamour Girls
June 20, 2021

I’m a sucker for a novel about a lady pilot who flies airplanes during wartime. (I’ve also reviewed The Flight Girls by Noelle Salazar and Kate Quinn’s The Huntress.) And Glamour Girls by Marty Wingate is another great example of this very specific historical fiction subgenre.

Set in England during WWII, Rosalie Wright leaves her farmer’s daughter life behind her to follow her dreams of flying airplanes. A natural in the sky, Rosalie lands a spot in the Air Transport Authority. Assisting RAF pilots, she ferries planes between UK bases, all while dealing with friendships, boyfriend trouble and food rationing. I really enjoyed this book.

One thing I find about a lot of WWII period novels (and at this point, I’ve read a lot of them) is that some authors seem to have a checklist of every. single. WWII. detail and then they go through that life-during-the-war checklist as they write instead of just including the details that the reader might need to know for their specific story. Although Wingate included lots of juicy historical detail, she made sure to keep Rosalie’s story front and center.

I really liked Rosalie as a heroine and I liked how her character developed. Her friend Snug was a standout secondary character and I know other readers will love him as much as I did.

This book has a lot of heart, some laughs, some tears and y’all know I love my high-flying aerial adventure. Big fan of this one.

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Jillianne has done a fabulous job creating a loveable and down-to-earth heroine in Molly Miranda and followed through with a really strong plotline packed full of twists and turns.
Holly at Bookaholic Confessions
Hamilton handles the story with a deft touch, balancing action, laugh-out-loud zingers and romance with zippy pacing and a character you can really root for.
Author Kat Ross
I thought the author's sense of humor was so funny! I found myself giggling out loud.
Linda on Amazon