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Review: Jane Steele
October 10, 2020

This book had me at the tagline: “Reader, I murdered him.”

“Reader, I married him” is the most famous line from Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë’s 1847 novel and one of the most beloved books within English literature today. Author Lyndsay Faye took Jane Eyre and cleverly adapted it. This book isn’t really a satire of the original so much as it is a mirrored reflection of the original but with more wit, more action, and a hell of a lot more murder than the original.

Reader, I loved every second of this damn book.

Not only was Jane tough as nails, but her vulnerability and built-up well of guilt make her such an interesting lead character, especially for a historical fiction novel based in the mid-1800s. Mr. Thornfield was the dashing gentleman any reader would love. I tend to find children annoying in books (I can’t help it) but the kid in this book was THE BEST. I want a spinoff of her as a teenager. That was would be incredible. I loved the intertwining of old English customs with the contrast of colorful Punjabi culture.

The story was quite unique but, also, this book is heaped with delicious prose. It’s ridiculous how beautiful this book is for a book not considered “serious” fiction. Faye’s use of compelling descriptions floored me from cover to cover.

An easy 5/5 stars!

Jane Steele on Goodreads
Lyndsay Faye’s website

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praise for jillianne

Jillianne has done a fabulous job creating a loveable and down-to-earth heroine in Molly Miranda and followed through with a really strong plotline packed full of twists and turns.
Holly at Bookaholic Confessions
Hamilton handles the story with a deft touch, balancing action, laugh-out-loud zingers and romance with zippy pacing and a character you can really root for.
Author Kat Ross
I thought the author's sense of humor was so funny! I found myself giggling out loud.
Linda on Amazon