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10 Best Blog Posts of 2019
December 17, 2019

It’s actually kind of tricky to decide what blog posts should be considered for a “best of” list, so I split this list into two categories: my favorite posts and the posts that received the most visits over the entirety of 2019.

5 Most Popular Posts of 2019

1. I Left Evernote for Notion


2. How to Track and Limit Your Social Media Usage in 2019


3. How to (and Why You Should) Use Evernote for Task Management

(And yes. I get the irony.)


4. How to Add Monthly Views in Todoist


5. YNAB: The Budgeting App I Actually Enjoy Using


My 5 Favorite Posts of 2019

1. Giving Tuesday: Literacy in Prison


2. A Confession About a Lie I Told in High School


3. Addicted to Busy: 10 Tips to Ease the Cravings


4. 25 Tips for Traveling with Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac, IBS, or Another Digestive Illness


5. Can a Productivity Nerd Live Without a To-Do List?

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Jillianne has done a fabulous job creating a loveable and down-to-earth heroine in Molly Miranda and followed through with a really strong plotline packed full of twists and turns.
Holly at Bookaholic Confessions
Hamilton handles the story with a deft touch, balancing action, laugh-out-loud zingers and romance with zippy pacing and a character you can really root for.
Author Kat Ross
I thought the author's sense of humor was so funny! I found myself giggling out loud.
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