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Review: Migraine Gel Ice Hat by FOMI Care


Headaches and migraines are the WORST.

I’ve had headaches on the regular for my entire life but just recently, my body has decided that headaches just aren’t good enough for me. No, no. Not anymore. Now I’m getting migraines. When I get migraines, I tend to vomit, sometimes until I break blood vessels in my face. Not good.

For me, a cold cloth is really helpful while I wait for my Advil or Tylenol or whatever to take effect—the colder the cloth, the better. But the cloth gets warm fairly quickly and drips down my face and I have to hold it on with my hand. womp, womp. If you’re like me and find that cold on your head helps your headaches, you may want to read this review and/or buy a similar product.

I recently decided to invest in a Migraine Gel Ice Hat. The one I went with is by FOMI Care and I bought it on Amazon for $22.99 CDN on Amazon. The material is quite thin which I like because you want your head to be cold, not warm. There’s a velcro bit in the back so you can tighten or loosen the hat as needed.

The hat comes with three gel packs: two long ones for the side of your head and a short one for the forehead. Inside the hat you’ll find three pockets for these gel packs. You can freeze the gel packs on their own or throw the whole hat in the freezer. I ended up storing mine in the freezer because I found that taking the packs out and pushing them back in was kind of annoying.

When I had a minor headache, the hat actually was so cold on my head that it hurt a little bit. I ended up taking it off and putting it back on a few times while it warmed up. I’d rather it feel too cold than not cold enough. Just hold on for a few minutes and your head will be numb. All good.

Now, when I had a migraine, it didn’t feel too cold at all. It felt like heaven. It really helped with the pain right away and gave me some comfort. The forehead gel pack melts a little faster than I would like but you can easily rotate the hat so one of the side gel packs are against your head; they seem to stay frozen for longer.

I really love this product and I will definitely keep using it. The price was pretty reasonable for the relief it gave me. If cold compresses help with your headaches and it fits your budget, get two.

I did not receive compensation for this product review. Hat and gel pack images are from the Amazon listing.

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