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Review: A Dangerous Collaboration


Deanna Raybourn has once again delivered a gloriously witty and intelligent Victorian mystery in A Dangerous Collaboration. This is the fourth book in the Veronica Speedwell series. This time, Veronica and Stoker are off to a foggy, sea-battered island in Cornwall to investigate a not-so-recent murder.

Readers are blessed with learning more about Stoker’s regal older brother while romantic tension between our two heroes builds to a fever pitch. There were actually a few moments where I was listening to the audiobook at work and I thought I might be blushing because of the steamy chemistry between Stoker and Veronica. Delightful.

The laugh-out-loud bits of the book are a nice escape from the cold, damp castle the book takes place in. Although I enjoyed the descriptions of the old fortress and the idyllic village of the island, I missed Veronica and Stoker galavanting around late Victorian London.

Thank goodness we only have to wait until March for Veronica Speedwell #5.

RATING: 4.5/5

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