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Review: The Huntress
March 31, 2019

I used to watch the dance competition show, So You Think You Can Dance, a long time ago. In case you haven’t watched it, judge Mary Murphy lets out this obnoxious scream when a performance is especially stellar.

Well, that is how I would respond if someone asked me how The Huntress by Kate Quinn was.

Yup, Quinn has done it again.

I devoured The Alice Network last fall and pre-ordered Quinn’s follow-up on Audible as soon as it became available. Once again, she delivers a fierce, thrilling, and highly visual adventure novel with multiple points of view, and a tough-as-nails wartime heroine.

Sidenote and minor spoiler: loved the Eve (from The Alice Network) cameo. A quick glimpse at my favorite British spy.

Just like her previous novel, The Huntress is hard to put down as Quinn weaves separate timelines together, tying it all together in a hardcore knot. I say knot because the women in this book have no time for bows and frills.

The Huntress features a pair of Nazi hunters after the war, a young woman caught up in the chase, and (my personal favorite, and probably yours too) a former pilot and navigator from Russia who served with the Night Witches, a real all-woman regiment of night bombers.

As a fan of women’s history, especially badass women’s history, am genuinely pissed off I didn’t know these badasses existed. And I’m grateful Quinn introduced them so I can read more because they sound incredible and fascinating.

I also learned a bit about Russian geography and folklore, and a couple of Russian words. So, extra bonuses.

The Huntress is fantastic. I loved it.


Kate Quinn’s website
The Huntress on Goodreads
The Huntress on Amazon


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