5 Functions Evernote Needs to Add


I love Evernote. I use it every day for a lot of different tasks. I’ve even recently started using it as a task manager (blog post on that coming soon). But like all apps out there, it’s not perfect—but it could get pretty darn close with these five features.

Linking to tags and notebooks

Evernote encourages users to link to notes so they can navigate between sections faster and easier. I would love to do this. However, I’m constantly creating new notes and deleting old ones—it’s the notebook that I want to be able to link to most. Now that I’ve finally learned how tags can work for me, it’d be great to be able to link to those too. Until this happens, we all have to make do with Evernote shortcuts.

Simple math/spreadsheet functionality

I adore Airtable for this reason. For those who aren’t familiar, Airtable is an app (I use the free version on desktop and my phone) that makes it easy to make spreadsheets. I know this doesn’t sound fun but you can make them look pretty and it’s a pleasure to use! (And this is coming from someone who detests Excel with an earth-scorching hate fire.)

I use Airtable for my business income and expenses, tracking book sales and basically anything that involves adding sums in a column—something Evernote can’t currently do. I’d love to be able to keep all my spreadsheets in Evernote with the rest of my business documents, even if the only function to these spreadsheets was adding.

Color and font options

Evernote gives users a limited palette of colors for text, table backgrounds, and highlighting. I want more. Gimme the whole damn rainbow!

As for fonts, it’d be great to have access to some of the most popular fonts from the Google Font catalogue.

Pinning notes to the top of a notebook

Not all notes are created equal. Having recent at the top by default is very useful but in very active notebooks, important notes can get buried. Allowing users to pin important notes to the top of the notebook would be incredibly helpful and just add to the flexibility Evernote is known for.

Paste unformatted text

This is a pretty simple one to me; the option to paste text into a note without carrying over the styling from wherever you are copying it from. It just keeps things nicer looking and tidier.


Of course, there are a lot of other functions one could wish upon Evernote but I don’t think any of the above features would be too drastically far away from the app’s original purpose.

Are you an Evernote user? If you could add a new function to Evernote, what would it be?



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