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Review: Feminasty by Erin Gibson


Erin Gibson is one of the co-hosts of Throwing Shade, the second podcast I ever listened to. Throwing Shade, also hosted by Bryan Safi, takes a weekly look at recent news stories and events relating to queer folks and women’s issues. The two comedians are a perfect pair, playing off of one another with incredible timing, off-the-wall humor, silly characters, and terrible celebrity impressions.

Feminasty: The Complicated Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Patriarchy without Drinking Herself to Death by Erin Gibson delves into just a few of the many issues that make a feminist angry while keeping the reader entertained with raunchy anecdotes and intelligent and snarky comedy.

Some of the topics covered in Feminasty include reproductive rights, sex education, the men behind the makeup industry, fashion policing, and the publishing industry’s obsession with the word “girl.” That last one really spoke to me because there are too many books with “girl” in the title and this is a problem when a lot of these books are about WOMEN. Meanwhile, adult males in books and almost always men, never boys (excluding “bad boys,” I suppose).

A few of the topics in this book are recycled from ones covered on (in?) Throwing Shade but Feminasty takes a deep dive into these topics. The jokes come hard and fast on the podcast so being able to absorb Gibson’s comedy in a different form has shown me what a gem she really is.

Feminasty is thought-provoking, infuriating, and hilarious. Gibson makes the joke that the book will be read by few straight men—she’s right, but she shouldn’t be.

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