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Jill Tries Water Flossing – Mornwell Rechargeable Oral Irrigator


I’ve recently had some issues with my gums bleeding while flossing and when I’m getting my teeth cleaned. Ew. Not great. So, after a particularly worrying spell of gum bleeding, I invested in a water flosser.

Like Kleenex and Q-Tips, water flossers are more known as brand name product, the Waterpik. The one I picked up on Amazon is from MornWell and was $45.99 CDN which is pretty good compared to some similar water flossers.

This particular water flosser comes with the user guide, two “jet tips,” the charger, and the flosser. The two tips are the same, except one has a blue band. I’m guessing that’s for two people sharing the flosser and not wanting to share the tip, which, ya know. Fair.

This flosser comes with three modes: normal, soft and pulse. This particular model includes a 150 ml chamber you fill with water. You can either take it off the device and fill it separately or you can keep it on the device and fill it from the bottom. Either way is fine because it’s waterproof. And it’s a good thing it’s waterproof ’cause oh boy.

The charge comes with two little holes so you can put the nozzles in there. The charger measures 3.5 x 4.5 inches and you just set the flosser down to charge it. My charger currently lives under my bathroom sink because my sink doesn’t have a ton of space around it. But it’s really not that big if a person wanted to keep it on their countertop fulltime.

If you’ve never used a water flosser before and you’re looking to see how it’s done or what it’s like, this is the video I watched:

I’ll spare you the photos of me using a water flosser. No one needs to see that mess.

If you’re a newbie like me, you’re almost better off closing the bathroom door and getting naked because your clothes are probably going to get wet. Select your preferred mode, fill the chamber with water, lean over the sink, put the tip in your mouth and then turn it on. DO NOT look into the tip and turn the water on because you could seriously hurt your eyes. Don’t look at your reflection (this will mess you up) and just focus on where the stream of water is hitting on your gums. Like the woman suggests in the video, move the tip from tooth to tooth, pausing at the space between each tooth.

It took me a few times to get the hang of it but I’m getting comfortable using it now. I just use it on “soft” right now because even that was surprisingly powerful feeling. I feel like normal mode might be enough to knock my teeth out! (Kidding.)

One thing about this particular water flosser that I don’t love is the chamber size. I can only get my bottom teeth done before the chamber is empty and has to be refilled. Some water flossers don’t have a chamber or have a much bigger chamber. However, they take up way more space than my relatively small device. But for the price of the product, it’s really not that bad.

Overall, my teeth and gums feel super clean after using it and I’m really happy with this product.

(If you’re grossed out by mouth hygiene stuff, better just skip the next paragraph.)

Another reason I decided to try water flossing is because it is apparently much more effective at getting food out from between your teeth compared to regular flossing. From what I’ve seen so far, I can definitely believe that. I’ve flossed a couple times after water flossing, just to check on the cleanliness, and the floss has been bare almost every time. I still need to work on getting at my back teeth a little better but maybe I’ll always need regular floss for those guys.

Do you use a water flosser? If so, what kind? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments.

Diary, Good Stuff
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