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You can sure tell Priestdaddy author Patricia Lockwood is a poet. Throughout her memoir, she plays with language like a kitten plays with a ball of string.

Lockwood had an unconventional upbringing—not only are her parents Catholics, they’re uber-Catholics. Her father is a priest. I had no idea Catholic priests could stay married once they joined the church. Lockwood has herself left the church but in her memoir, she discusses some of her fond memories of being a Catholic and the sense of community being a church member can bring. She also dives into some of the worst things about her former Catholic life that obviously cause her a lot of anguish still to this day.

If you’re looking for a non-stop memoir of hysterical anecdotes, this isn’t it. There are several funny chapters in the middle but I found myself white-knuckled with frustration with her father more than a few times. But, then again, who hasn’t been frustrated by what a parent believes at one point or another?

The funniest stuff likely comes from Patricia’s mother, the ever-patient and ever-dutiful Priestwife who doesn’t get nearly the respect she deserves.

I’m not usually one for poetry but this memoir is a delight for anyone who enjoys the creative manipulation of words, entangled with wit, insider looks at religion, sex jokes, and German Christmas decorations.

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