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Bubble: A Dystopian Comedy Podcast


Although the general overarching premise of Bubble isn’t new, especially within the dystopian genre (a city is placed under a bubble to protect it from the crazy-ass creatures that exist outside), the new comedy sitcom from the Maximum Fun podcast network is so much fun and I really think you should go listen to it.

Written by podcaster Jordan Morris (Jordan, Jesse, Go!), Bubble pokes fun at the hipster millennial dream of living in a city with a great art and music scene, surrounded by vape clouds and avocado toast. Aaaand there’s monsters outside…and some inside. Can’t forget about the monsters.

The hilarious podcast does what some of my favorite comedies do: it combines something mega-serious with a silly tone. The podcast is helped along by a great cast of voice actors including Tavi Gevinson, Alison Becker, Keith Powell, Judy Greer, Rob Huebel and I’m told the boys from My Brother, My Brother and Me will be on a later episode.

It’s a bit like Buffy but in a city of hipsters and lots of references to poorly named iPhone apps. What more could you want?

Go put those earbuds in and check out Bubble on Max Fun!

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