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REVIEW: Troublemaker by Leah Remini


troublemakerDespite my co-worker’s recent suggestion, I am not interested in joining the Church of Scientology. I’m just fascinated by the drama that surrounds it and the stories that escape from the organization.

Today I finished listening to the audiobook for Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology by Leah Remini. I’ve watched maybe a dozen episodes of King of Queens and didn’t know much about Remini. I admit it: I was drawn to it because of the Scientology stuff.

This witty and entertaining book was made even better by Remini’s narration. It didn’t feel like someone reading to me: it felt like the comedian was just talking to me. She’s sassy and funny and tough—a Brooklyn girl who has never taken any guff, except when it came to the Church of Scientology.

She was a kid when she and her family joined. As she got older and fame came knocking, she was encouraged to rub shoulders with other celebrity Scientologists like Tom Cruise.

This audiobook is a delightful look at Remini’s life within the church, her experience with Hollywood and how she found the strength and confidence in her herself to get the hell out.

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