House Hunters: Charlottetown Edition


We started our house hunt before house buying/selling season even really started. It’s only really getting started now. We’ve now seen a total of eight houses. Our wish list includes:

  • 3 bedrooms — the bigger, the better
  • 1.5+ bathrooms
  • a yard, preferably with a fence
  • character of some kind

When I picked out my wedding dress during the summer of 2014, I knew it was the dress for me when I put it on, saw myself in the mirror and immediately could see myself on my wedding day in that dress. I decided to use this same measurement of intuition when going into house hunting.

photo-1424847262089-18a6858bd7e2The bedrooms are likely the biggest thing on our list. I’ve written about how Colby and I have separate bedrooms so that’s two bedrooms right there. The third will be my studio: a hybrid office, craft room, art studio and sewing room. I’ll write, create, paint and surround myself with color. Can you tell I’m excited? See the Pinterest board.

This way, my small bedroom can be a place of blissful rest, away from the chaos of trying to be a full-time graphic designer and part-time writer, painter, scrapbooker and whatever the hell else I’m into on any given week. See the Pinterest board.

The first one that we really liked was just outside of town. It had a big yard and big bedrooms. I Photoshop’ed shutters onto a picture of the front of it and fell in love with it even more. The price was low enough that it would allow us to make some upgrades right away. I could definitely see us living there. But on our second viewing of it, we realized something wasn’t quite right. Turns out it had serious structural issues with a floor that dipped in the middle. We basically ran from that house as fast as we could.

It was so disappointing.

photo-1459908676235-d5f02a50184bThere was another house we liked but the layout was weird and there were obvious flooding issues in the basement. The upstairs was gorgeous but it just wasn’t the house for us.

Now that we’ve seen eight houses, I can safely say that if a house seems priced too good, it’s for a very good reason.

And then there was House #7. Lucky #7.

We’re going back to it this afternoon and we’re 90% sure we’ll be making an offer this afternoon. I don’t want to share too many details in case something happens and we don’t end up buying it… but I am in love.

I get excited about so many things on a day-to-day basis. That’s just who I am. Colby is more neutral. But when he gets excited about something, I really take notice. And he definitely got excited about this house.

I’m so excited about becoming a homeowner. I’m excited to customize the house to what we want and like. I’m excited to balance my love of color with Colby’s preference for minimalism. I’m excited to have a studio of my very own. I’m excited to learn all the things that comes from owning your first home. I’m excited to get a dog. I’m excited to try gardening. I’m excited to have a yard again… Jeez, I haven’t had a yard since 2010. Yikes.

Wish us luck!

All images are from Unplash


Jillianne Hamilton is the author of Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire, its two action/comedy sequels, and The Lazy Historian's Guide to the Wives of Henry VIII. She is also a graphic designer, a history enthusiast, and a dog mom. Learn more.

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