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Interview: Love Buds Jewelry


lovebuds_elizabethThis is Elizabeth Campbell, owner of Love Buds Jewelry. I personally have two sets of Love Buds earrings and I adore them. So cute. One pair was custom made for my wedding day!

I hope you all enjoy the interview and would love some feedback!

1. Tell me a little bit about your products!

In the spring of 2014, I started hand making polymer clay jewellery. I started with a few pairs of colourful rosebud earrings to wear myself, and it was not long before people started asking if they could buy them. I enjoyed selling my earrings to others so much that I decided to open my own Etsy shop, Love Buds Jewelry. In addition to the original Ear Buds earrings, I now make dangly earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, wine charms, and hair pins. I have so much fun choosing colours and coming up with new designs! Because of Etsy, I have been able to sell my creations all over the world. I’ve made sales all across Canada, to the United States, to England, and to Australia. 

2. What is your favorite-est product you sell/have sold in your store?

My favourite items right now are my miniature food jewellery! This spring, I started making tiny burger earrings and pizza wine charms. It takes a long time to make something so small and detailed, but the finished product makes me so happy! I’m looking forward to trying my hand at making different foods and other cute things.


3. What makes your products unique?

lovebuds2Because I hand sculpt every piece I make, no two roses will end up looking exactly the same. Many rosette style earrings are made using a mold, so the end product is completely uniform. Every single Love Buds piece is made one petal at a time, so you know that your jewellery is a one of a kind creation. 

4. What is your biggest tip for selling on Etsy or having a creative business?

Just make! Make as much you can, whenever you have time, with whatever materials you have around. Experiment with different design ideas, and see what comes out. You will be surprised at all of the wonderful feedback, and love seeing that people are viewing and favouriting your items from all over the world! 

lovebuds-pendant5. What are three other Etsy stores you love?

It is so difficult to choose only 3! There are so many unique and fascinating shops, and I discover new ones every day! 

One of my most favourite is a company that is based out of the small community I grew up in. Heather and Lenny at Birdmouse repurpose salvaged wood into gorgeous handmade creations. I commissioned a piece from them as a Christmas gift for my father, made from the boards of the hockey rink he grew up playing hockey in. The concept they came up with was amazing, and my father treasures the piece.

JJLeathersmith is another shop I’ve been admiring lately! They hand craft incredible leather goods, from passport wallets to rucksacks. I’ve watched as each piece they create gets more intricate and beautiful, and I will be keeping my eye on their growing product line. They are based in Ecuador, and their photos are amazingly inspirational. 

Ingredients for Lovely is an adorable shop that I have visited a few times. I have gotten charms and beads from there to add to my jewellery, and always gain inspiration and ideas from looking at the lovely items they have listed. 

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