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Book & Wedding Update

February 5, 2015

I turned 27 years old yesterday. It was storming so I got to work from home, which was nice. Me and the bae watched X-Men: Days of Future Past which I got as a birthday prezzie. It was quiet and perfect.

As for what else is up with me…

Oh. That ol’ thing? It comes out in a little over a day. Some really great interviews have come in for it (like this one, this one and this one) and I’m so thrilled. I’m also loving the selfies people are taking with their paperbacks. Warms the heart, it does. Especially this one of my nephew Charlie and actor Wayne Burns.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.52.23 PM

The publishing and marketing process is basically a full-time job on its own and I’m so damn excited to get back to writing the sequel. My goal is to have the first draft finished this year but I expect the wedding to slow me down. But I’m really going to push myself and see if I can get a big hunka-chunk of it done before the mad wedding rush begins.

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Speaking of which…


In between my full-time job, writing, publishing, trying to exercise more, taking an improv class and digging our car out after our daily snowstorm (I’m exaggerating, but the storms have been plentiful), I’ve managed to complete all but one of the table bouquets as well as several others I plan to use for decor around the tent. I have the head table bouquet (white) to do and then I get to work on the bridal bouquet.

I am so freaking excited to do that one. 🙂 I’m going to get REALLY bright and colorful double-sided scrapbook paper so all the flowers are huge and super intensely bright. Each of my bouquets have eight roses but for my bridal bouquet, I’m doing way more so it’s big and super full. It’s going to be baller. I have so many DIY wedding ideas floating around in my head. Thank god for Pinterest or I’d never keep ’em all straight.

Here’s some Instagram pics of my flowers.

Oh. We also ordered in our invitations from Jukebox Print (they are SO bright and perfect!), my hair is growing out nicely and I haven’t chewed my nails in almost 2 weeks. Woo!

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.04.47 PM


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