Wedding Update (Part 1)


So. There’s a lot of stuff involved in this wedding planning thing. But ya know what? It’s okay.

I blogged recently about trying on and buying a beautiful wedding dress. Since then, we’ve booked vendors for the location, hair, makeup and cake designer. We know where/how our invitations will be printed and we know what we’re doing for flowers. Speaking of which…

flowersI’m making all the flowers! I’m using this awesome tutorial from LiaGriffith.com. I printed off the pink pages as is and did a trial bouquet, just to see if I could do it. And I did! I then traced the page of petals on Illustrator so I just had the outlines. I printed that sheet out and then, using the same sheet of paper, printed a handwritten texture on both sides. I added those flowers to the pink bouquet. (Pictured.) I’m doing a different color bouquet for each table and a bigger bouquet for myself. I have my work cut out for me.

I liked it so much, I brought it to our engagement shoot on Sunday evening with the charming, lovely and talented Kristy McKinney. I’ll post the photos on the blog when we get them back. I’m so excited to see them! 😀

As for the location, we wanted to get out of town. It had to be easy to find so my out-of-province family wouldn’t have any issues finding it. A beautiful venue that would make for great wedding photos. I had recently designed a website for Stanley Bridge Country Resort so I’ve seen a lot of beautiful photos from that property and weddings held there.

We checked it out and I absolutely fell in LOVE. Weather permitting, we’re doing an outdoor ceremony in a garden and the reception will be in a tent nearby. I am so excited for the day and have nearly everything pictured in my head. It should be a fun time.

In book news land: it’s all happening, kids! The Indiegogo campaign was a success, exceeding my $1500 by $102. Fantastic. I am beyond in love with everyone who contributed. You can read more book news over at my writing blog.



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