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One Month Until London


As I type this, I have “Panic” by The Smiths stuck in my head. It features the line “Panic on the streets of London…”

You see, London has been on my mind a lot lately- for over a year, in fact. Earlier I blogged about my plans to travel to London (along with a giant list of travel tips) with my aunt and that day is almost here. After so much planning and schedule and booking and, well, panicking (Get it? Because I referenced “Panic” a moment ago? Do you get it? Do you get the joke?), it’s finally (almost) here.

I’ve been to London before. I was there for a few days during a wonderful high school travel experience. We went to London, Paris and Madrid. But honestly, it only made me want to go back to London even more. And back to Paris, but that’ll have to be another trip. I’m in love with London because I’ve been a big fan of English history for many, many years. Mostly medieval and Tudor history but recently I’ve taken a liking to Georgian history as well.

And because I am a modern woman and all, I will be tweeting and Instagramming my vacation. Maybe I’ll throw in a Vine or two. Like a boss. (Follow me on Twitter, Vine and Instagram for updates and general hilarity.)


I basically packed in as much as I could into a span of ten days. Sane people would have put this much activity into a trip of 15 days. BUT NOT ME.

Ya know. This and that. *wink*



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