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I wrote an ebook!



It wasn’t what I had in mind for my first stab at self-publishing, but I did it! I self-published a 58-page PDF ebook.

I took a break from writing my novel to “write a quick ebook thing” to attract readers to my website. HA! HAHAHAHA! How silly of me to think I could just take blog design and make it a quick thing. There was too much to cover, so it became a much bigger project than I expected.

It ended up being about four times the length I planned (about 12,000 words), and it’s listed on Gumroad for $1. It might be released on Amazon and/or Kobo down the road, but we’ll see how this goes first.

The book covers layout basics, themes, blogging platforms, colors, typography, examples of well-designed blogs and much more. As a bonus, I include a chapter on how to hire a designer, just in case you decide not to design it yourself.


Click here or on the book cover to buy for $1 on Gumroad!

I came up with the idea after discussing writer blogs with a friend of mine. We were talking about how so many blogs managed by writers and book reviewers just weren’t up to snuff. The colors can be very distracting on some blogs, or it’s too much text or it’s a disorganized mess. Ta-da! Lightbulb!

I recently got a bit of news that came at a good time, in relation to the publication of this ebook, actually. I found out last week one of the designs I’ve done with Revolution Media is going to be featured in The Mobile Web Designer’s Idea Book by Patrick McNeil, due out in November. I’m very excited and honoured by this opportunity.

Books, Diary, Writing
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