The Story of Little, Little Red Riding Hood

I swear, I do actually have feet.

Island Comic Con was held today at the Confederation Centre Public Library in Charlottetown. I’ve been working on a costume since I heard about the event and I’m really proud with what I was able to accomplish in very little time.

I’ve been watching Heroes of Cosplay pretty faithfully, so I’ve been feeling inspired to sew something lately. Of course, the creations they come up with blow my mind. The staged drama is way over-the-top though. I watch it for the costumes and the costumes alone.

The main pattern I followed was this one from FleeceFun.com. The pattern for the adult size cape calls for 2 yards, but I ran out of the fabric before I finished cutting out all the pattern pieces, so I had to go back to the fabric shop.

(I know. A second trip to the fabric store. What is a girl to do?!)

Then I hand-sewed fabric around the edges of the opening and the hood. I used a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine to sew the same lace onto the bow thing used to keep the hood closed.

(I will not be sewing lace with my sewing machine again any time soon. I think I was probably doing it very, very wrong. My thread kept breaking- at least four times or so.)

I also hand sewed the gloves and paired the whole thing with a poofy black skirt I found and some goth-esque jewelry pieces.

The event was pretty fun. The turn-out blew me away and the costumes people came in were pretty impressive. My favorite by far was the most excellent Link (of Zelda) costume, which I cannot find a photo of on Facebook. My darling boyfriend reluctantly joined me at the event, donning a very impressive engineer costume. (Hardy har har.)

I hope the event happens again next year. I just gotta figure out what I’ll be making a costume for so I have more time! For now, here is a photo of me (ohmygod, I’m so short…) and my friend Matt. He went as The Doctor and got a lot of applause.


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