Need a Feminist Stocking Stuffer this Christmas?


Here’s a situation we’ve all been in: you’re nearing the end of your Christmas shopping list and you come to the name of a confident female relative or friend who has feminist leanings and likes a good laugh. Well, aren’t you lucky- because I’ve got just the thing!

I’ll let Caitlin Moran tell you about her 2011 book, How to be a Woman.

It’s a snarky, charming look at modern feminism and where we need to go from here. Moran gets very personal in points, and makes me laugh like a loon throughout. She’s very honest about her opinions and her spunk makes the book easy to ready.

Side note: I’ve never read a book that quick in years.

I should note that Moran is fantastically funny, brutally honest, potty-mouthed, quirky and 100% a real woman. Reading this book helped me cement my feminist leanings. I’m no longer afraid to say “I’m a feminist!” and have people think, “Gosh, I assume she’s a lesbian.”

Feminism isn’t about hating men. It’s about, as Moran’s husband pointed out, just being nice to everyone equally.

So, if you’re looking to read something funny or are buying for a woman (or man, or human) this Christmas, I can’t recommend How to be a Woman enough.

(Don’t be afraid, friends. Moran is indeed very British. There are a few references you won’t get. Just keep reading, you’ll figure it out.)



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