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Jill’s Top 12 Things of 2012


As per tradition, I’ve compiled a list of things that made this year awesome. Go here to see the top 11 things of 2011!

12. Ecce Homo

This item is perhaps better known as “that painting of Jesus that woman ruined.” In August of this year, a sweet old lady in Spain asked her local church if she could take home a painting and fix it up because it was in less than perfect condition. (See original painting.) She brought back this nightmare- and now the church is getting visitors by the bus load. Because the painting is that bad. Irony is so awesome sometimes.

11. Grumpy Cat

Although the deformed Jesus painting did spread across the interwebs like wild fire, it hasn’t spread in meme form quite like Grumpy Cat, aka Tardar Sauce the kitty. She’s apparently quite sweet, but we all know her from the images similar to the one seen here.

You can see more adventures from Grumpy Cat at

10. Princess Merida’s Hair

Although I didn’t find Brave to be Pixar’s best work, I did enjoy the movie quite a lot. I have a soft spot in mah wee Scottish (well, by ancestry speak) heart for the Highlands so I found it visually stunning. I just wish they had spent a wee bit more time on the story and slightly less on her hair. With that being said, I would consider trading several toes for that head of hair. It’s magnificent!

9. This video.

8. Looper
This movie was cool.
7. Moonrise Kingdom
This movie was also cool.

6. We the Tiny House People

We The Tiny House People is a documentary about small homes, the creativity they require and the happiness they can bring. House sizes have needlessly multiplied over the years and an underground movement has begun. You can watch the entire documentary on YouTube. (Not gonna lie. I’ve watched it at least three times now.)

Visit for more related videos.

5. Curiosity

I’m told the chances of that thing actually landing were very slim. So, ya know, kudos for that. I just wish that it looked more like the robot from Wall-E.

4. Jenn Grant – The Beautiful Wild

This album is freakin’ adorable. Grant’s albums keep getting better and better. The Beautiful Wild retains her usual sweetness, but calls on a subtle tribal sound, and a strength I hadn’t heard in her work before. I guess it’s a more grown up Jenn Grant. And I love what I’m hearing.

3. Cold Specks – I Predict A Graceful Expulsion

This is most certainly the album that should have worn this year’s Polaris award.

I’m not sure there has been a more beautiful, haunting, personal, sad or uplifting album in a long time. Cold Specks is a Toronto-based singer, young in age but she sings like a woman who has seen a whole world of heartbreak. Her music is brilliantly deep and fantastically raw. It echoes in the heart. I do not think the music industry has ever needed this sound more than right now.

2. Barack Obama

Does this one really need an explanation? My respect and adoration for this man is boundless.

1. Lena Dunham and Girls

Writer, director and actress Lena Dunham had a very good year. Her series debuted on HBO in April and has garnered a lot of attention ever since. It’s not your typical sitcom with a female lead. I am so relieved to find a show that is hilarious, real, crude and brilliant, all the while starring a girl who is… well… real. Never before has a young woman with an average body been filmed nude so much. OH MY GOD, IT’S ALMOST LIKE SKINNY GIRLS AREN’T THE ONLY ONES HAVING SEX.

Truly shocking revelations. But Dunham is the only one brave enough to write and direct it. And then she hops into her actor suit… or, ya know, gets naked and does it. And does it well.

Dunham and Girls was nominated for a butt load of Emmy awards including:

  • Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
  • Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series
  • Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series

(Oh. And guess what. I don’t care if people are sick of hearing about this girl. There is a very good reason for it. No, I do not believe she is the voice of our generation. Her upbringing doesn’t allow for that kind of title. But her point of view is still highly entertaining to me. And she has more cojones than a lot of people might realize.) (Oh. And she’s writing a book too. YOU try writing a show, starring in a show, directing a show AND writing a book, huh?!)

The show returns to HBO on January 13. I can’t wait to see where Lena takes it. With a debut season as strong as this, I look forward to seeing how she tops it. Lena, if you see this, please know that you are a hero to us all. No pressure.

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