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How to Find Time to Write


Freelance journalist Dave Atkinson likes to write by a schedule.

“It used to be Sunday mornings,” he said. “Now it’s a few nights a week after the kids are asleep. Both work well, so long as I keep the time sacred.

For Atkinson, avoiding distraction is the key to productivity.

“The laundry ain’t going anywhere. I recently started switching off the Internet when I’m writing.”

He doesn’t go back and edit a first draft until he is finished, he added. “There’s time to edit later.”

Fiction writer (and recent award-winning author) Patti Larsen said scheduling two hours to write isn’t always necessary.

“You can get a great deal done in an hour or even a half hour if you’re completely focused.”

Larsen suggests starting with shorter time frames where you can commit 100% and grow it from there.

“Once you’re in the flow of writing, you won’t want to stop anyway.”

“Time to write is not found. It’s made,” says writer (and high school English/Creative Lit teacher extraordinaire) Leo McKay . “You just have set time aside, commt to it, show up, set goals, and keep showing up.”

Anyone who recommends waiting for inspiration is still waiting for theirs, he added.

“Inspiration will come if you stubbornly keep showing up.”

Do you have any time management tips that help you with your writing? I’d love to hear them!

Productivity, Writing


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