FREEBIE: Printable Planner or Scrapbooking Stamps

My newest hobby has arrived! I’m DIYing a planner. If you’re not familiar with the planner craze, I suggest you do a YouTube search for “plan with me” or look up planners on Pinterest. You can also find this prettiness on Instagram (I recommend hashtags #planneraddict and #plannercommunity). People are creating the most beautiful planners. […]

10 Video Tutorials to Help You Make an Awesome Digital Scrapbook

This time last year, I was on my fantastic London vacation with my aunt. I’ve been working on a digital scrapbook dedicated to the trip recently.┬áDigital scrapbooking is when you combine photos, text and scrapbook elements together (like a traditional scrapbook), but everything is done on your computer, usually in Photoshop or with similar software. […]