The Dress Code Dispute

There have been a lot of news stories popping up lately, relating to young women in high school breaking the rules and wearing clothing deemed inappropriate for their educational environment. You can see a few of these stories here: Lauren Wiggins, Moncton student, won’t stop fight against ‘unjust’ dress code London student in jeans, tank top sent […]

The Funny Ladies of Vine

Vine has quickly become a playground for comedians. With videos only 6 seconds long, the humor has to be very specific, fast and simple. I’m a big fan of lady comedians, so I thought I would showcase some of my fav females on Vine. (Click on the name to visit their Vine channel.) Brittany Furlan […]

“Women Aren’t Funny.”

“Women aren’t funny.” This bullshit is uttered every year or two, usually by men over the age of 40. The last time there was a big hooplah over “Women aren’t funny” was in 2012. (Ah, 2012. Good times.) Radio host and podcaster Adam Carolla spewed a similar statement during an interview with The New York […]

10 Female Authors in History

Is there any day more awesome than International Women’s Day? Well, maybe Christmas and my birthday because gifts are involved. But International Women’s Day, which lands on March 8, is still pretty cool. I present to you now: 10 Female Authors in History. How many of these authors have you read? Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility, […]