“Women Aren’t Funny.”

“Women aren’t funny.” This bullshit is uttered every year or two, usually by men over the age of 40. The last time there was a big hooplah over “Women aren’t funny” was in 2012. (Ah, 2012. Good times.) Radio host and podcaster Adam Carolla spewed a similar statement during an interview with The New York […]

GIRLS is Growing Up

AHOY! SPOILERS AHEAD! This season of HBO’s GIRLS has received its share of negative criticism (I mean, from what I can tell from comments on the GIRLS Facebook page, anyway). But personally, I adored it. The show has always been praised for it’s realistic portrayal of modern life for a young woman. This season felt […]

A Film for Bookish Types

I watched The Book Thief last night and absolutely adored it. I’ve always had a weakness for WWII period dramas and this is easily one of my favourites to date. We meet young Liesel who is adopted by a couple who live just outside Munich. Her new father, played by the amazing Geoffrey Rush (I swear, he’s […]

Broad City Has Got It Goin’ On

Dude. I just binge-watched six episodes of Comedy Central’s sitcom Broad City. It’s funny, filthy and smart. It’s written by and stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. (What?! Women can write funny stuff too?! WHAT OMG NO WAY!) “Oh. This is going to be a GIRLS rip-off. That’s cool I guess.” That’s what I thought […]