The Dress Code Dispute

There have been a lot of news stories popping up lately, relating to young women in high school breaking the rules and wearing clothing deemed inappropriate for their educational environment. You can see a few of these stories here: Lauren Wiggins, Moncton student, won’t stop fight against ‘unjust’ dress code London student in jeans, tank top sent […]

The Funny Ladies of Vine

Vine has quickly become a playground for comedians. With videos only 6 seconds long, the humor has to be very specific, fast and simple. I’m a big fan of lady comedians, so I thought I would showcase some of my fav females on Vine. (Click on the name to visit their Vine channel.) Brittany Furlan […]

“Women Aren’t Funny.”

“Women aren’t funny.” This bullshit is uttered every year or two, usually by men over the age of 40. The last time there was a big hooplah over “Women aren’t funny” was in 2012. (Ah, 2012. Good times.) Radio host and podcaster Adam Carolla spewed a similar statement during an interview with The New York […]