Here are my highlights of the year.

  1. I published my third novel and released all three Molly Miranda books as a combined trilogy. This was a pretty big accomplishment for me. Seeing that big ol’ book on my shelf feels pretty rewarding I gotta say. Learn more.
  2. Colby and I visited Quebec City and Montreal. We drove there which was a new experience in itself (the mountains along the St. Lawrence River are awe-inspiring when you come from a very flat province). We spent an evening and a night in Old Quebec and then several days in Montreal. Our visit there included seeing three Just for Laughs comedy shows: Mike Birgiglia, Jen Kirkman and a gala show featuring several comedians. More on that here.
  3. I finished the first draft of my first non-fiction book. The Lazy Historian’s Guide to the Wives of Henry VIII has been on the back burner for a long time and I feel like I’ve been researching it for ages so I was happy to type the last chapter up recently. Learn more.
  4. I got to meet Diana Gabaldon with my mom. My mom is a huge fan of the Outlander novels and she got me into the show so taking her to meet Diana Gabaldon and get her autograph at an author event was a huge deal for us.
  5. We got an office dog! By that I mean one of my co-workers adopted a sweet pug/terrier mix named Peach and she’s so good she gets to hang out at the office on a regular basis. I’ve also dog-sit Peach a couple times. (Hoping to get my own pupperino in 2018!)
  6. I got into woodworking a little bit. I made a very simple desk for myself, mostly following video tutorials online. More here.
  7. I read 33 books. That’s a lot for me. A lot of non-fiction mostly but I got pulled in deep by a few great fiction stories. Follow me on Goodreads.
  8. I got into hand embroidery. I now want to embroidery all of the things. I haven’t gotten around to blogging much about this but I find it a nice hobby to work on while binge-watching Netflix.
  9. Survived my first year as a homeowner. We still have carpet but the rooms are painted. It’s a work in progress. More here.
  10. I discovered that I like salmon. Not sure why I didn’t pick up on that before but daaaamn, it’s so good! When you have Crohn’s Disease and you discover a food that you like that won’t bother your stomach? Well, it’s exciting.

Bonus cool thing of 2017: Motorcycle Librarian.

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Jillianne Hamilton is an author, crafter, hobby addict, history enthusiast and graphic designer in Charlottetown, PEI on Canada's beautiful east coast. Her debut novel, Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire, was shortlisted for the Prince Edward Island Book Award in 2016. Her fourth book, The Lazy Historian's Guide to the Wives of Henry VIII, will be published in 2018.


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Hi, I'm Jill! I'm an author, a Lazy Historian, a web/graphic designer, a bookworm and a hobby addict. I live in Charlottetown on Canada's beautiful east coast. Learn more.

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