Wedding Scrapbook: Rat Face

OK, this might not make sense to anyone who wasn’t in my Interactive Multimedia class in 2010-2011. As an assignment, we created a fake band and did a photoshoot so we could make promotional items for ourselves. In one photo, I was shaking my hands excitedly and the camera caught me at the best possible moment. This one:

How does that even HAPPEN?!  Anyway, “Rat Face” was born and was our go-to for group photos for years to come. To not do a scrapbook page featuring a partial IMM 2k11 reunion at my wedding would have been sacrilege!

I used part of a cut file from TheCutShoppe for the background with some watercolor paints underneath. The roses are a cut file of my own design (and can be downloaded for FREE here!).

Even though it’s a fairly simple design, I’m quite happy with it. I like the juxtaposition of the delicate, feminine background with the harsher title and silly photos.

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  1. I love you and all our silliness <3

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