Why I Created a Second Instagram Account

instagram-Logo-PNG-Transparent-Background-downloadEver since Instagram added the ability to easily use more than one Instagram on a single device, I’ve been thinking about having two IG accounts: one for my artistic endeavours and one for… everything else. Writing, books, friends, life, funny stuff.

Since I use Instagram to market this blog as well as my books, which generally have different audiences, having two separate IG accounts just made sense for me.

I decided to do this after looking at how I choose to follow people: unless it’s a friend, I browse the photos in their account before I subscribe to their feed. I look for consistency in the quality and subject matter. I think a lot of users do this. It’s a big reason some users get so many more followers than others.

But I knew my own profile wasn’t providing that same consistency to other people. So, one of my accounts will be for artistic stuff (painting, paper crafts, craft room organization, maybe a DIY project or two).

Follow my new account on Instagram: @JillGetsCreative

Follow my writer/personal account: @JillianneWrites

In other news, I’ve been pretty busy with various home projects and getting the sequel to my first novel out (soon!) and work has been busy and now I have a cold. Ugh. But I will do a house update soon, I promise.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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