Just in case you missed our big news, we bought a house! We move in two weeks from today. We have a lot of packing to do but my husband and I are both beyond excited about moving from our apartment (where we’ve lived since August 2012) to our very first house.

Neither of us are the handy type so I’m a little nervous about the skills we’ll be forced to learn as homeowners. Thankfully, there’s the Internet. Here are some helpful video tutorials for newbie homeowners!


As new homeowners, chances are you’re not flush with cash right now. YouTube tutorials are probably going to be your first top when searching out video tutorials when learning a skill needed around the house. There are tutorials for just about anything and everything one could possibly imagine on YouTube. Here are a bunch of videos you might want to watch if you’re a newbie homeowner (in no particular order):



I’m a big fan of Craftsy, especially their scrapbooking and painting classes. They are continually expanding their library of videos and now include categories for woodworking and gardening. They even offer several free mini courses to get you started. As for us house newbies, I’m most interested in these full courses:

gorgeous-garden-design container
shelves benches-boxes
table-saw cabinet-case


Udemy has a ton of video courses for people looking to learn home improvement skills- in fact, there’s an entire home improvement category. Here are just a few of the courses I found:


Patching Walls Like a Pro


How To Build A Fence: Detailed Fence Design & Construction


Back Yard Ideas: How To Build A Deck


How To Build A Shed: Complete Guide For Beginners To Experts


Home Energy Made Easy: Save Time, Save Dollars, Save Energy


Although Skillshare is mostly known as a place to learn creative and marketing skills, there are a few home improvement and gardening video courses on there.


How to Install an Feature Stone Wall: You Won’t Even Need Power Tools


Home Office Design: Love Where You Work


Interior Styling: Style Your Space like a Pro

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Do YOU have any favorite video tutorials? I’d love to see them! Leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the post.

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