Falling in Love With Acrylic Painting

The title of the post may be a tiny lie. I’ve done a handful of paintings before using acrylic paint but they were big pieces without any detail whatsoever and done using paint knives. I’ve never used acrylic paints with brushes before.

Almost all of my experience with painting is watercolor-based. I still love watercolors and will probably always love them but they do have their limitations, so I wanted to give acrylics a try.

And now I’m in love. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Combining colors to make new ones seems easier with acrylics.
  2. Acrylics are so bright and vivid without much effort.
  3. If you mess up, you can just paint over it and try again. That was something I really appreciated when doing my first(ish) acrylic painting recently.


I went with something with bold, bright colors and hard lines. No blending needed for my first attempt. I found this helpful because it took me a while to get used to how much water I needed and what kind of brush I should use for what.


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