My Grown-Up Planner + Unboxing Video

Days until the wedding: 23 days

I discovered planning (aka “glam planning”) about a month ago and instantly fell in love. The hobby includes two things I’m passionate about: being organized and paper crafts. The planner community another draw of this new hobby-the online community is fabulous. Everyone wants to see photos of everyone else’s new planner, how they designed their week, where they get their stickers, etc. It’s incredible.

Soon after discovering this new hobby, I went to Staples and got supplies to make a DIY planner. It turned out really cute and it has served me well and it helped me figure out what exactly I need in a planner. Here is the DIY planner I put together using an Avery A5 size 3-ring binder from Staples. Not too shabby!

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.50.01 PM

As I learned more about the different brands and styles of planners, I figured out which one seemed to be the most reliable, the easiest to customize (thanks to a bajillion cute Etsy shops!) and the best bang for my buck. That’s when I found the aquamarine Filofax Saffiano (also in A5). It’s my grown up planner.

I’m in love.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.49.04 PM

It arrived in the mail this morning. It was a very stressful day at work, but this little punch of aqua helped to brighten my day. Check out this Pinterest board to see more planner cuteness!

[AUGUST 16 EDIT] I made an unboxing video! You can check that out below. [/EDIT]

In other news…

Not sure how many more blog posts I’ll be doing before The Wedding Day on September 5. Everything is basically done and I’m feeling generally ready and confident. I have wedding dress #3 next Saturday. Hair and makeup demos went well. I’m super excited for the day to finally be here… but I’m also really anxious to get back to my hobbies that aren’t wedding related.

Then I’ll get to scrapbook the wedding. haha Not that I haven’t already started that scrapbook or anything… *wink*

Keep an eye on my Etsy store if you like A5 planner goodies because I’ll be making and selling items soon.

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