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Dang. I really gotta work on my scrapbook page photographing skills!

I finished the first page of my wedding scrapbook, starting with a memory very special to me: getting engaged. I go over the basics of the proposal (when, where, how) in the journaling bit at the bottom.

il_570xN.796928597_kqqsI used a few buttons and punched out paper hearts for embellishments. To rough up/distress the edges of the photo frames, I rubbed the edge of a scissor blade across the edge of the paper. (I love this look.)

also used one of my own designs for the watercolor roses. Several sizes and colors are available on my Etsy store.

For the torn paper strips, I put some dots and drips of masking fluid on 2 pages of printer paper, let that dry, and then painted stripes of paint over the whole page, edge to edge. After the paint dried, I peeled off the masking fluid and ripped the paper into strips and then arranged them how I liked.

For the background, I used white acrylic paint and just roughly spread it over my page with a paint knife.

I hope you can use some of these techniques as well in your own paper crafting!

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