This time last year, I was on my fantastic London vacation with my aunt. I’ve been working on a digital scrapbook dedicated to the trip recently. Digital scrapbooking is when you combine photos, text and scrapbook elements together (like a traditional scrapbook), but everything is done on your computer, usually in Photoshop or with similar software.


Pages are printed off on a wide format printer or uploaded online to a scrapbook page printing service and then put into an online album- or you can just post your creations online and store them there. Digital scrapping is time and cost efficient compared to the traditional method. Hybrid scrapbooking is when you combine elements of traditional and digital scrapbooking together.

Since I’m a web and graphic designer in my 9-5 life, digital scrapping is pretty easy for me since a lot of the same skills overlap. But for those who might just be starting out, I’ve compiled a batch of YouTube videos that will help you get better at the craft of digital scrapbooking, and maybe teach seasoned scrappers some new techniques too.

Digital Scrapbooking – What is it and How do I Get Started?

Making Your Own Patterned Paper Using Adobe

Using Digital Scrapbook Templates in Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

How To Create A Layout Using A Quick Page or Album

How to Edit Portraits in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Alternative Drop Shadow Effects in Photoshop

Digital Scrapbooking Photoshop Tutorial: Blending Photos into Backgrounds using Brushes as Masks

Photoshop CS6 / CC – Creating Photo Borders and Framing Images

Using the Dodge & Burn Tools in Photoshop for Digiscrapping

Watercolour Effect Photoshop Elements

Aaaaaaand a bonus video! Just some general Photoshop tips.

Photoshop Hacks // Tips and Tricks for Using Photoshop Better!

Do you know of any digital scrapbooking tutorials/videos that NEED to be on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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