I know what you’re thinking: “Another stupid list of useless wedding apps. Just what the Internet needs.”

There are a couple apps that promise to provide a full wedding planning experience, but I quickly learned that a more focused app is the way to go. I keep them in their own folder on my phone so I always have them nearby. I’ve downloaded, tried and deleted lots of apps since I started wedding planning last July. If I find more helpful apps before September, I’ll add them here.

1. Pinterest (Free)

You really can’t go wrong with the Pinterest app (I use it on my iPhone and my iPad). Secret Pinterest boards are the way to go, because you WILL drive your followers crazy as you pin every dress, flower arrangement, hair style and decor idea you see. Divide your Pinterest boards into categories to help keep yourself sane. I have a secret board called “Wedding Plans” where I’m putting things I’m definitely doing. “Wedding Hair/Makeup” is another board,” etc.

Please note: Keep in mind that some of the super glamorous weddings you may see on Pinterest are staged and styled. Don’t have a rustic wedding just because every other Pinterest wedding is. Pick something that reflects the personality of the bride and groom, not what is popular online.

2. Instagram (Free)

Although not quite as good as Pinterest, Instagram is another great place for gathering wedding inspiration. Check out some wedding hashtags like #wedding, #diywedding and #weddinginspiration to see ALL KINDS of pretty! And come your wedding day, ask guests to post any Instagram photos using a specific hashtag so you can see your big day from their point of view.

3. Sunrise (Free)

Not only is Sunrise the prettiest calendar app I’ve ever seen, it’s got one unique feature that makes it perfect for a busy bride: 3-day calendar view. The last couple of days before the wedding are going to be crazy busy; Sunrise lets you views 3 days of your calendar at a time, helping you keep on track when you’re nearing the wedding day. It’s pretty neat. It syncs with your regular iPhone calendar and you can choose to sync it with only one of your calendars. That way, if you want, only wedding-related events will show up in your Sunrise calendar. I can see myself converting to this for my regular calendar app in the future too.

4. SeatingPlanner+ (Free)

I never expected dragging and dropping friends/family between tables would be so much fun. You can even customize the types of tables (shape, how many seats, etc.) and even move the tables around. It’s a great way to visually see where people are sitting before problems arise on The Big Day. It even lets you create seating plans for several different events. I definitely recommend this app.

5. Michael’s (Free)

If you’re doing a DIY wedding like me, you’re going to need some supplies. I love Michael’s. I could spend hours in that store. I also like being able to access discount coupons, projects, videos and product information right on my phone. You can also create shopping lists within the app and see upcoming events at your local store.

Note: There is a different app for Canadian users so I’m not sure how the American one differs.

6. Muxica

Huh. How rude. Muxica, my wedding playlist app of choice, has been removed from the iTunes store. Weird. I still have it on my phone, thankfully, but I wanted to recommend it here. The Internet tells me there are some great (free and paid) alternatives though…

6. Queue – Realtime Playlisting + Crossfade ($0.99)

This app (like Muxica) lets you make playlists that cross-fade into one another seamlessly. The interface is nicer and more intuitive than Muxica, actually. Getting a DJ for our wedding didn’t make it into the budget. We’re not having a dance so having an app like this works great for us. Having a playlist that cross-fades is great because people are uncomfortable between songs. I’ve played with Muxica more than this specific app, so I’ll let you investigate this one further. I’m going to keep Queue on hand though, just in case Muxica keeps crashing…

7. Wedding Guest List (Free)

This is one of those apps that has several features but I use it for just one thing: the wedding guest feature. Keep track of what guests are from what side of the family and who has RSVP’d. Also features a wedding day countdown and several paid features (vendors, seating chart, etc.)

8. WeddingHappy – Wedding Planner (Free)

Yet another well-designed wedding app that tries to handle several aspects of the wedding, and I only use it for one: the to-do list. Comes with a pre-loaded list of wedding to-do’s (cake-testing, gown fitting, etc.) and sends you notifications when these things should be done by, in coordination with your wedding date. A good way to keep track. You can also customize this list and add vendor info for each task. You can upgrade the app for a few bucks for a few more features.

9. Paperless (Free or $2.99) / 10. Wunderlist (Free / Monthly Subscription)

I know, I know. Both are list apps. You can’t beat a great list app. Any list app that lets you have multiple lists (To Do, To Buy, To Make, etc.) at once is a must-have, even if you have to pay a couple bucks for it. Paperless (I have the pro version) is great because you can have multiple lists and assign a related icon to each list for easy navigation. When items are checked off, they don’t go away, they just get moved down below, so you don’t lose what you’ve achieved. Wunderlist has a prettier interface, lets you set due dates and reminders. If you upgrade (it’s hella pricey), you can collaborate on lists.

There are tons of great list apps out there. These two are just the ones I use.

Bonus: an online app I use!

Since the last two apps basically only count as one, I’ll let you in on another app I’ve been using: Wufoo.

It’s a web app that lets you create online surveys for free. Instead of having our wedding guests RSVP with a card they have to mail back to us, we just directed them to our online survey. On our RSVP form, we ask the guest for their name, RSVP response, contact info, allergies, song requests, etc. This is more convenient for guests so I’m hoping I won’t have to chase too many people down. You get three forms with Wufoo’s free account.

Again, Wufoo is just one example of the many survey apps available. My only complaint about Wufoo is that they don’t have an app and their website isn’t mobile-friendly so it’s hard to check my RSVPs when I’m on the go.

Do you have any apps to add to this list? I’d love to know what other busy brides have found.

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