I enjoyed this DIY wedding project. Probably too much, actually. It combined wedding planning (which I’m really getting into) and going to Staples to buy office supplies. Is there any cool person alive who doesn’t enjoy the simple pleasure that is new and unused office supplies? It’s like heroin for Type A personalities, I swear.

I spent about $37 on all my supplies. I wanted to make an organizer suited to my needs. If you’re looking for something closer to $20, most book stores carry wedding organizers that take a lot less effort to put together.

First, find a pretty binder. I went with a 1-inch binder from the Martha Stewart collection. Now that I’ve started putting things in here, I can safely recommend buying a 2-inch binder instead. It’s just… it’s just this binder is SO PRETTY.


In addition to the binder, I bought:

  • page protectors
  • dividers (a package of 8)
  • black pens
  • looseleaf paper
  • multi-colored Post-It notes

(The fact that one of the Post-It note pads ended up being the EXACT same color as the binder was a coincidence, I swear.)


Decide what sections you think are going to be important to you. I have some links below to similar tutorials and each one lists different sections for their binders. It all depends what kind of wedding you’re having, how many guests, how many in your wedding party, etc. For mine, I chose:

I may change this out once we get closer to the big day and more details are confirmed. We’ve still got over a year to go. 🙂

I’m everything I spend on wedding stuff. I’m currently up to $71.22.

Guests & Invites
I ordered a wedding invite sample pack from Jukebox Print. I’ll probably put some of those samples in this section. If you’re doing Save-The-Dates, they’d go in here too.

Ceremony & Reception
I don’t have anything in here yet but when I have the venue confirmed, I’ll put signed agreements in here and probably some program stuff. I’ll put my vows in here too.

Food & Decorations
This is where you store your menu lists, cake information and photos of decoration ideas.

Venue & Vendors
I currently have a two-page list of questions about the venue, all my information I received from my contact at the venue as well as price/package info from our photographer.

Attire, Hair & Makeup
This is where you can store photos of dresses you love, hair styles you adore and, later, contact info for the people doing your hair and makeup.

Everything else.

With these page dividers, I also inserted a page protector at the very front for a cover page. The rest went in the back until I have something to put in them. I also added 5 sheets of looseleaf in every section for jotting notes and doodling. Post-It notes and pens are at the ready when I need them, tucked into the pocket at the front.


I found this really great web app at TimeAndDate.com that lets you make printable PDF calendars for several months. You can even select where you’re located and it’ll add local holidays in for you. I was impressed when “Golf Cup Parade” showed up in my calendar, as that is an unofficial PEI holiday. I printed off 14 months and added in some dates-when we got engaged, our prospective wedding date- and also added in notes for when I’ve emailed certain people for quotes and when we’re going to check out our prospective venue.


I’ve also inserted this Wedding Planning Time Line (free PDF) into the front of the binder. You can find lots of these wedding worksheets online. Several are linked to from the articles I list below.

If you’re interested in seeing a variation on this post, check out these super helpful how-to articles:

What about you? What would you put into YOUR wedding planning binder? Let me know in the comments.

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Terri October 27, 2014 at 12:44 am

SUPER SUPER helpful. Type A personality here and I COMPLETELY understand! I’ve just upgraded to Staples “Black Card” a.k.a. premier spender lol

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