TINY: A Story About Living Small (website) is a documentary by and about a young couple, Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller, building a tiny house together. Tiny houses, also called micro-houses, are a new way to live and are quickly becoming a popular alternative for those who don’t see the need for a huge house that will take most of their lives to pay off. This documentary is a very personal look at their story of building this house with some interviews from other tiny house-owners sprinkled in.

10173618_655545984511932_5138031381704301470_nThe film was full of rustic charm and the feeling of living out in nature, which is what Smith wanted to achieve by living in his small house. Smith didn’t finish his house in the three months he scheduled and ran out of money. When he eventually finished the house, though, it cost under thirty thousand and he has no mortgage to worry about as long as he lives there. Color me jealous.

A beautiful little film about the process of getting to the point of tiny home bliss. The interviews really unveiled the type of people who go for this type of lifestyle- environmentally conscious, intelligent, comfortable with their life and modern-thinking. Who wouldn’t want to be any of those things?

Anyone who reads my blog probably knows how much I lust over the thought of living in a small house. I am lucky enough to live in a small city with low housing prices, compared to some of the bigger cities in Canada, but the idea of living so efficiently is very appealing to me. When Colby and I look at houses online, I’m more attracting to ones that look smaller and cozier, rather than larger ones that exceed our needs. I’d be interested in seeing more stories from tiny housers who have their house in a large town or a city.

This film is currently available on Canadian iTunes. Also available for screenings. See website for details.

If you are interested in this film, you can also check out We The Tiny House People (available to watch on YouTube) or you can check out The Tiny House Film, due out in October.

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