It sometimes surprises me when I mention feminism to someone and they say, “Are you a feminist?” and I said, “Of course I am.” There are a lot of people out there who are feminists (men or women who believe men and women should be equal in all things) but don’t self-identify as feminists, which confuses the hell out of me. It’s probably because the word “feminist” sometimes runs into negative connotations. But that’s another blog post for another time.

Want to know if you are a feminist?


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I’ve always been very into girl power and equality. STORY TIME! When I was a tot, I wrote a letter to Santa asking what Mrs. Claus’ first name was, because it bothered me, even then, that Santa Claus had a full name but his wife didn’t.

I didn’t start dropping the f-bomb (that’s feminism, in case you missed it) until after I watched a documentary called Miss Representation back in 2011. (I included it in my Top Things of 2011 post as my #1 item of the year.) It’s a film about the misrepresentation of women in the media and how F’d up it’s making all of us.

I started reading blogs and books and listening to podcasts about feminism and just generally seeing everything a bit differently. A lot more things make me angry and disgusted- as they should!- but I’m glad I can actually spot when a woman is being objectified and how that translates to the audience. For instance: lots of motorcycle and car ads have traditionally desirable women sprawled across them. These ads are mainly targeted towards straight men. These types of ads not only objectify the woman, but it also treats the audience like a cavemen.

Me man. *grunt, grunt* Man buy fast car. Then man get pretty lady. *grunt*
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Anyway, there are a lot more topics on feminism I’d like to talk about, but that’s not what this post is for. I just wanted to recommend where you, the reader, can learn more about feminism. Here are some of my favorite sources.
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