I’ve been thinking about scrapbooking again. (Uh oh.)

A few years ago, I spent a ton of money on scrapbook supplies. Before trips to ‘the city,’ I would save up every cent I had so I could go to [Insert Name of Big Box Craft Store here] and  then spend, spend, spend. Everything was adorable and sparkly and pretty. I couldn’t resist.

Then I went to college, didn’t take my supplies with me and kind of forgot about it. I now kind of associate scrapbooking with one word: expensive.

But lately, as I get more and more into crafts and artsy projects again, I’m feeling tugged back to the world of paper crafts.

But I still feel like traditional scrapbooking (buying pre-made embellishments, choosing my arrangement, glueing them down in a 12×12 album) gets too pricey, especially when I already have my sewing hobby to contend with.

In my 9-5 life, I’m a graphic designer so naturally, my next thought was: digital scrapbooking. It’s practically free! I already have Photoshop and Illustrator, I can design all my pages, print them out and put them in an album. There’s also a lot of free resources out there. Easy peasy! …Buuuut I already spend my day staring at a computer. Do I really need another hobby that requires a computer? No. I like the look of a scrapbook that’s layered and touchable. Handmade.

Still, I like the idea of being able to use embellishments that I have created myself, rather than stickers and things from [Insert Name of Big Box Craft Store here].

On my quest, I also discovered a new-ish scrapbooking trend known as smashing or smashbooking. Watch the video below to learn more about this type of scrapbooking. It’s very free style, kind of messy and chaotic: a lot like life itself.

Sadly, I’m a sucker for layout. It’s a major reason I got into web design in the first place. Not that these can’t have method to make up for the madness, but the messiness is what makes these fun. I just don’t think I would do it justice. Besides, I still like the look of 12×12 albums. With nice, big photos. Know what I mean?

I think I could very easily use this type of project for writing inspiration, and I probably will. [Note to self: DO THIS, just don’t THINK ABOUT DOING THIS.]

And then I came acrosss… hybrid scrapbooking. It contains the best of both worlds! Scrapbook Ideas summed it up nicely:

Hybrid scrapbooking combines the tools and techniques of both digital and traditional (paper) scrapbooking, and shares a common goal with each: namely to document life’s events and memories in an artistic way. Of the three styles, hybrid scrapbooking allows the most creative freedom because it is not limited to just one source of materials. It involves the same elements as paper and digital scrapbooking (photos, memorabilia, embellishments, words, etc.), but any aspect of the scrapbook page can be generated digitally or by physical application.

YES! YES, YES, YES! Something that will allow me to use my own creations, save some money, make it completely me- and still let me get myself cutting and glueing and arranging on paper. And I’m going to incorporate fabric in there somehow too!

I am stupidly excited right now.

Yes, I will probably be stepping foot inside [Insert Name of Big Box Craft Store here] once more, but I’m going to try to keep this album as organic as possible. No stickers, avoid pre-made embellishments, etc. And I’m going to PLAN pages out before I start sticking things down!

Moral of the story: expect free digital/hybrid scrapbooking scraps, pieces, resources and reviews to pop up here once in a while. I’ll also be posting my pages as I finish them.

So! What kind of scrapbooking are you into to?

Traditional scrapbooking:

Digital scrapbooking:


Hybrid scrapbooking:

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