This tutorial could also be called Why You Shouldn’t Chew Your Nails. But I digress.

I found this great list of 17 Free Wrist Pincushion Patterns on TipNut and I was immediately inspired to make my own. I didn’t follow any certain pattern or tutorial, just kind of put together my own and it came out pretty well. Hopefully this might inspire you the same way!

This is a good project for using up scrap material you have lying around. Please share this tutorial on Twitter or Pinterest if you found it helpful.


  • 2 strips of material long enough to wrap around your wrist comfortably (with some extra room for overlap) and about 6½ inches in width
  • a 2-piece snap
  • 2 4×4 inch fabric squares (I chose different fabric for the two parts of the project but feel free to use the same kind if you wish)
  • matching thread for both fabrics
  • fabric markers
  • cotton batting (or, in my case, “100% polyester fiberfill”)

1. Use a running stitch to combine your 2 long strips of material, folding the edges under and sewing them down until you are happy with the length and width. I used a whipstitch at the ends because I realized my piece was too short to tuck under.

2. Add one side of a snap to the end of this fabric on the inside and one at the other end on the outside. I chose to use a snap over a button because you may have to put this on using one hand, so a snap is easier for that.

3. Try your new fabric bracelet on. It should look something like this:

4. With your two pieces of square fabric, flip them over so the patterned (or nicer, in my case) sides are facing in. Join these with a running stitch along 3 sides. The size of the shape you sew will be about the size of the pincushion you will get at the end.

5. Turn your joined pieces right side out and, using fabric markers, decorate it or write a simple message. It’s easiest to do this before we stuff it. (This caused my boyfriend to call it a “pun cushion.”)

6. Stuff the cushion with cotton batting (or 100% polyester fiberfill). Make sure it’s nice and round.

7. Using 2 lines of running stitches along the open top bit, seal it off. I used two lines of stitches to make sure it doesn’t pop open and spill.

8. Find the middle of your bracelet by folding it in half. Then sew through the middle of the bracelet and into the middle section the back side of cushion. Stay away from the top and bottom sides of the cushion so your bracelet can keep its shape. Sew a round patch of stitches to keep the cushion firmly in place.

And you’re done!

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