I love Mad Men. And I’m glad I’m not alone in seeing its appeal. The other night, the AMC show won for “Outstanding Drama”- for the fourth year in a row. It’s chic, sexy, witty, intelligent, honest and, best of all, based in the 1960s.

There are hundreds of reasons to watch Mad Men. Here are my top 5.

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You might think this is an odd choice, if you already watch the show. To be quite honest, that little snot drives me nuts. But I think he makes a fantastic everlasting villain, without being so evil that you want to be rid of him. He’s a spoiled Manhattan socialite who needs a dirty martini splashed in his face. But Vincent Kartheiser does a fantastic job portraying the prep that just won’t quit.


* * *


Although she has made some mistakes, Peggy has taken enormous strides since season 1. In the beginning, she is the one who takes us into the crazy world of advertising as we join her on her first day at Sterling Cooper. She’s a quiet feminist and over the course of the series, has become stronger and more aware of her abilities and intelligence, just as women in the 1960s did.

She is a woman working in a man’s world, something many of us can relate to.

* * *


I’m straight. I’m just throwing that out there. Still, this woman makes me stare in awe. She’s possibly the most foxy thing I’ve ever seen- well, except for actual foxes, I mean. She’s flirtacious, charming, witty and completely stunning. I mean, just look at those hips! The woman is dynamite- and she knows it.

I appreciate the fact that Joan was given more authority at the office in the most recent season. I’m glad the writers have included her more recently. Her character is so interesting- not to mention, nice to look at.

* * *


Yeah, like I wouldn’t include Don Draper in this list. He’s the tall, dark, handsome man of mystery that all women dream about. Despite his wicked ways, Don continues to make the ladies swoon while his employees quiver with fear and envy his charm. Plus, he wears fantastic suits. Jon Hamm is nothing less than perfection in this role.

But Don Draper is not without his faults, by far. He smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish and only wants the women he can’t have. Every season, a new women (or, sometimes, new women) come into his life and he falls in love again- with them, and the idea of an uncomplicated life. Some of his relationships are more serious than others, but it seems like they’re all doomed from the beginning.

Has Don Draper found the perfect Mrs.? Only the new season, starting in March, will tell.

* * *



I’m going to sound like a girl here (Heaven forbig, right?), but I want so many of the dresses that appear on this show. Peggy wears young, stylish clothes that suit a career girl. Her wardrobe has evolved over the seasons, just as her character has.

Demi-goddess Joan Harris swathes herself in modern styles that show off her spectacular hourglass figure.

Ex-Mrs. Draper, Betty Francis, opts for elegant gowns with bell-shaped skirts, popular of those who grew up in the 1950s. Not to say Betty is old-fashioned when it comes to the contents of her closet. She updates her look to suit her surroundings. This is most evident when the Drapers visit Italy (in happier times, of course.)

The suits the actors wear are very high-end, and truly gorgeous.

I even like Pete’s narrow black ties.

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